Empty Nested2017

Reconstructed found object, charcoal, graphite and projection on paper


"I remember how during spring time our grandma used to say: “Red clouds bring the rain.”

Back then, we would wait for hours to feel the red drops fall from the sky.

When it came, it tasted like a cherry syrup our mother used to make.

People said its color was a sign we weren’t safe.


Our neighbors would hide in their homes, afraid of this unknown creature that was knocking on the door. 

The front yard of our house was our sacred field with the apple tree as our totem. 

Each circle we made was a greeting to a new day that would come."

Jelena Prljević. Redness


Empty Nested is an object made from the bird house I found sitting quiet and alone in the dumpster in front of my studio. I added missing shingles and replaced some of the old ones that

were non repairable keeping the traces of time visible. It's reconstruction functions as a metaphor for an interrupted habitat that is forced to transform and become a display of someone

else's fears and desires.