Neither Here nor There2018

Charcoal, graphite and animated projected light on paper suspended on metal framework

60 x 262 1/2 inches / 152 x 666 cm


Neither Here nor There is a 7-panel panoramic architectural drawing activated by the light mapping. It uses dismantled architecture to examine a fluctuating state of mind triggered by confrontation and changing belief system. Inspired by Yugoslav World War II memorials, the abstract forms are not shaped by specific ideology, but the “indestructible joy of life” coming from the position of reimagining a shared future.

Neither Here nor There is an architectural organism, dismantled and joined again that champions the power of personal mark-making to reveal life as it moves between light and shadow. These structures are not fixed realities, but changing experiences where stillness and motion are embodying the processes of remembering, un-remembering and eventually healing through forgetting. In the process of writing, I concluded that the silence between words commemorates what is missing. The inside is the past, fragile and inner depth, while the outside brings the future, stability and defined self. I use memory as a strategy to keep the viewer’s attention span long enough to engage and consider the nature of dualities and of the awareness of nonsingular truth.