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Shadow's Play


Paper cut-outs, wood, charcoal and animation projection

90 x 90 x 90 inches / 228 x 228 x 228 cm

In the human size installation, Shadow's Play,  paper cutout fence-like structures are combined with the drawings of landscape, people and objects from my everyday environment. I used hand drawn animations, shadow imagery and still drawing to describe the intersecting of different stimulus from the outside world we experience as the understanding of our immediate surroundings.

The projector is placed in front of the cube's entrance. Animated imagery becomes the source of light. Confronted with the paper cutouts it cast shadows and brings new and different meanings about the landscape presented in the still drawing, attached on the back side of the cube. People are invited to engage and examine the inside space of the cube. Being inside, they become a part of Shadow's Play. A play where the viewer is disabled to grasp all the information from the built space due to its own shadow.