Artist Statement 


I am a visual artist who works in an expanded field of drawing. Growing up in Serbia during the dissolution of Yugoslavia exposed me to constant changes that made me seek a deeper understanding of the relationships, traditions, and customs around me. Drawing became a search to re-imagine the world and illustrate a fragmented understanding of the whole.

Using time as a process and material, my drawing serves as an invocation of place and reflects my experience of transition.The result of this process is a charcoal residue that creates empty spaces full of potential that portrays a search for placement. Their neither-here-nor-there presence becomes a space for thinking about the passage of time, and of immediate experience. Who defines whom? Does a final form exist? Is its essence in constant flux? My inquiry starts with these questions.

Life is always in flux. It is light and time that give perspective, allowing change to unfold. Change is constant in my work, but the power of a personal mark to build structures, erase fences, and reveal life as it moves from shadow to light. Being integrated, my drawings and animations function as a record of the waxing and waning of my own observations and interests. Partly documentary, partly magical, and partly sentimental, my work is the transformation of narrative into fragments of time, memory and motion.