The Red Chair2017

Devised theater performance
Artspace, New Haven, CT; Dixon Place, NYC


Using room-size paper installation, live performance, shadow imagery, projected animation, and sound, The Red Chair accentuates

contradictory ideas of freedom and confinement from a female perspective. The work focuses on female courage and discovery of an

independent voice to explore complexities in women’s relationships and the ways they inform one’s chosen path. Paper is used as the

primary material and conceptual tool because of its transformative and resilient qualities. The nonverbal movement performance is enveloped

in light and shadows and follows a female character as she moves from entrapment to freedom, a journey that requires continuous female



Devised, Created and Performed by: Jelena Prljević, Margarita Blush, Braley Degenhardt

Installation/Set Concieved, Designed and Created by: Jelena Prljević

Performance coaching by: Margarita Blush 

Costume Design: Jelena Antanasijević

Music and Sound: Slobodan Jukić Sloxxx

Photo Credits: Ting Zhou

Video Documentation: Jelena Prljević