Travel Journal2016

Multimedia installation
Audiovisual hand drawn animation, notebooks and prints
Animation duration: 00:56

Travel Journal is a project developed from my sketchbook drawings. Each sketch was made during my summer travels between US and Europe. The quick line notes capture both the

thoughts and the imagery I was reflecting upon. Going from sketch to sketch, the viewer encounters Serbian and English, which overlap and mix to capture different emotions I

experienced in my travels.

During my residency at Penland School of Crafts I used a screenprinting process to transform my sketches into prints. In exposing my drawings to light, I created a space where my written

thoughts and imagery could be translated onto paper simultaneously. The sketch and the text are components of a precious moment that can be shared through multiplication. The subtle

differences already present in the printing process inspired me to animate some of the prints from the series. This exploration resulted in an animated travel journal, which magnifies and

intensifies the variation from the printmaking process. The ephemeral existence of the journal acts as an envelope for projected light, a state of being I find similar to the insightful

rumbling of my traveling thoughts.