Passage (Drawing with the animation projection) Morning with baba Bosiljka scene

Passage (Drawing with the animation projection), Charcoal, graphite, hand drawn animation projection on paper. 72 x 50 inches / 183 x 127 cm

Morning with baba Bosiljka scene


Passage, 2016

The drawing of a generic house shape functions as a passage between my present and past experiences of placement. It questions the moment of safety when a house becomes

home. The inner space of a house shape is filled with the animations that are formed from visual memories of my childhood. The places incorporated into the drawing have a form of a

hand drawn animated images. Each animation is made of one drawing with numerous marks and erasures that describe change and illustrate the movement. Animated images

appear and disappear using still drawn spaces as a passage from factual to imagined and vice verse. Drawn house becomes a dreamlike form that doesn't exist anymore. It's an erased

pace, based on a memory.